Out of the shifting sands of the Great Plains the pointed peak of an ancient pyramid was revealed. As the day progressed a swirling wind scoured the pyramid and the vast complex of buildings around it. By the time the sun had started it’s descent a great silent city had been revealed in all its desolate and ancient majesty.With a whispering moan great doors swung slowly open on the great tombs. In a deliberate and steady disjointed march figures emerged from their silent crypts and began to form up in regiments upon the central square between the temples.

Trumpets murmured on the breeze calling the troops to order. A figure swathed in the sintered haze of magic addressed the assembled troops and passed a glowing sword to the general commanding the troops as he pointed away from the city out across the surrounding desert. A great ethereal cry swept through the square as the general held the sword aloft. With a deft flourish the general stepped into his chariot and led his troops from the field.

The host of Prince F’Hat-tee Whoz was on the march.

My first game was against Pauls Empire army.Summarised in one word agghhhwhatonearthjusthitmyarmyaggghhhhI’mdead!!!!!

It was a very enjoyable game. I don’t think I managed to get any spells off, and that was even with me cheating with my Liche Priest who tried to cast two spells for the last 2 or three turns (he can only cast one per turn).

I took 2 units of 15 Havy Cavalry
1 unit of 3 Chariots
1 unit 20 spearmen
1 unit 11 archers
1 swarm of 2 bases (also not allowed now that I realise that they are skirmishers….)
1 Tomb Prince in chariot
1 Lich Priest

Paul had
1 unit 9 knights led by a level 2 wizard
1 steam tank (the ohmygodwhatjusthitusvehicleofdoom!)
1 great cannon
2 units of spearmen with crossbows and halberdiers.
1 level 1 wizard
1 priest

Paul deplyed defensively and I went across the table to him. My swarm decided to go underground and burrowed towards the cannon. My archers did very little throughout the game. My magic didn’t achieve much.

By turn 2 we were in combat, and I think it went down hill from there. Paul passed all of his fear tests to receive my charges, then even when he lost combats he passed the break tests (by then he tended to outnumber me so didn’t autobreak). The longer the combats lasted the fewer figures I had fighting and didn’t seem to be able to recover them.

I think I survived to the end of turn 5 (unsure – it’s all got a bit hazy – honest).

Needless to say Paul won.

Lesson Learnt

#1 – Steam Tanks are mean, engage them on all flanks, or avoid them at all costs

#2 – I need two magic users and bound spells to stand a chance of getting my magic to work, otherwise I’m always being dispelled.