WPS Club Challenge 2004 – ECWYet again Andy and Derek ventured forth and represened the club at thw WPS Club Challenge which was held in Nottingham. As is the norm, the one true army – Parliament was commanded by Andy, while the Royalist’s were commanded by Derek.

Our army lists for the club challenge can be found on the right hand menu under… Army Lists :), so that you can view them in all they glory they are PDF files, please be patient even as PDF they are still between 600k and 1Mb in size so on slower links may take a while.

Suffice to say 5 games of WECW in a weekend was awesome, Andy nudged ahead on the points from battles, to take a 5 point lead over Derek at the end, but wasvictory was not to be Andy’s?

Derek clawed back 3 points with his superb painting skills, and with both of us being awarded the same points for our Army Lists, it was down to sportsmanship. Here Derek took a 2 point lead over Andy to level the scores.

Now as it turns out those 2 points extra of sportsmanship, placed both Derek and Andy in the top three for sprotsmanship which we are very pleased with, but we must congratulate Derek as he became the proud owner of the WPS Club Challenge Best Sportsman for WECW – Congratulations Derek

Army Lists: