WPS Club Challenge Report 2004

Yet again The Ubermiester and his lieutenant took to the road to represent SAD at a tournament. This time it was the Warhammer Players Society (WPS) club Challenge in Nottingham. Saturday and Sunday 22 nd and 23 rd May 04.

The weekend was to be 5x1500pt games over the weekend.

Paul decided to try out his Tyranids this time and surprise Sean took the Wyches for to capture a few more slaves for the Gladiator pits.

Now the WPS weekend are straight points scoring individual tournaments, with the highest overall scorer winning the event.

Sean started well with 2 massive wins and then went quickly downhill with 3 losses, although nearly fighting his opponents to a standstill.

One of Sean’s opponents contermplating defeat…

Paul however, did really well with 4 solid wins from 5 games, but after the results were all in Sean just pipped him in the overall table finishing 14 th of 41 by ½ a point, Paul despite winning more games finished 15 th.

A great hard fought weekend saw our mean average score placing us in 3 rd place out of 13 clubs.

Thanks to the WPS for a great weekend.

All the scores/results can be found at: –

Sean – SADs 40k Ubermiester.

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