Again it was another packed session. The car park was full and most of the tables were out.

Again it was another varied mix of games;
2 Bloodbowl,
1 Clash of Empires,
2 Flames of War
2 Warhammer 40K
1 Blackpowder Sudan in 10mm
2 Warmachine/Hordes games
2 Warhammer Fantasy
1 large post apocolyptic dark future role play session
1 Legend of the 5 Rings card game

The visit to Burton for the FOG Doubles tournament took place over the weekend. It proved to be a very successful event with around 64 teams taking part. We managed to get well placed with one team even coming away with prizes. The fact that we were well placed in the lower tables, and the prize was for last place is neither here or there. Well done to Paul and Rob for putting us in the prizes.