The Battle of Mont St Germain (ish)

An early war tussle between a British Infantry Company supported by a British Armoured Squadron and a German Infantry Kompanie Supported by a Panzer Kompanie. May 1940.

early-british-victory-pz2s-on-fire.jpg     more-victory-pz38s-bailed-and-on-fire.jpg

As can be seen from the photo’s all went well for the British to start off with the Pz2’s got ripped apart and the Pz38’s were stopped in their tracks. the British tanks used their Tally Ho! firing to great effect but the Germans had more fire concentration and took the A10’s and A13’s out piece meal.

    pz38s-also-destroy-a13s-with-pz4-backup.jpg   german-counter-fire-destroys-the-a10s.jpg    british-infantry-retake-the-woods.jpg

The Infantry fight in the Village was a short battle between Tanks/Self propelled Guns which the SPG’s were winning until close assaulted by the Infantry. Then the German infantry launched an attack that almost won through but the Bull dog spirit held them back and pushed them out of the woods too.

british-infantry-advance-into-the-village.jpg 2-stugds-and-a-matilda-1-on-fire-in-the-village.jpg it-comes-down-to-hand-to-hand-fighting-for-the-village.jpg stalemate-in-the-village.jpg

The British  lost their Armoured  Coy Command and the Germans their Infantry Coy Command.A very Bloody and Enjoyable game with loads of light armour and effective ANTI-TANK RIFLES!!!!!


Paul, Peter and Warren for a great game.



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