The Good, The Bad and The Long Suffering

The Good, The Bad and The Long Suffering Madison’s Marshalls assembled into to two teams to remove the outlaw threat that had only recently beaten them, the Stonecold Stealer posse had shown cruel cunning in their last battle and the Lawmen wanted justice.

After a close game the previous week Matt had returned the favour by challenging me quickly to a rematch and so we got the game started by rolling the Vendetta Scenario from the Lawmen table.Matt was attacking so split his posse into 2 groups and came onto the board from two adjacent corners whilst I as the defender had the centre building on the board to organise my defence.Mats lawmen attacked from two sides keeping me busy from the very< start and it was here that some excellent shooting from Matt and some very bad dice rolls from myself had my left side fold with 2 of my Kids (outlaw hero characters) laying in the dirt and leaving me very exposed.

After much panic about my ill luck I decided to assemble what was left of my posse in the building whose courtyard we were using, It was at this point lady luck gave me a pat on the bum and things changed.

Matt seeing me gathering my strength decided to follow into the building with his men but as lady luck was with me favour most defiantly didn’t go with the bold, one shotgun blast and this followed up with a sawn off shotgun had two of the lawmen lying on the floor and the front door reduced to kindling. It was here that Matt charged in more of his men into the building and a brawl started which was tipped in my favour being that out of the four men Matt had only two left, so two lawmen against four outlaws.

The outcome was a quick brutal finish to a game that could have swung either way. The outlaws laying low both lawmen, it was at this point Matt decided to voluntarily Head for the Hills and Madison’s Marshalls fled. Another win for the Outlaws but this time there was a cost as after rolling on the recovery table one of my kids died and all of the Money I had earned was spent getting him a replacement. Mats Lawmen also had one death but as this was his upstanding citizen which didn’t eat into his winnings that much.


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