The Low Down on a Show Down in an Old Town

Tumbleweeds were being blown down main street (in fact the only street) in Sharpesville as the Lone Stars wandered into town looking for a glass of sarsapirella juice at the local saloon. What they hadn’t bargained on was the Droopy Moustache Gang had had the same thought and they were coming in from the other end of town.

Knowing that the saloon only had enough juice left one one Posse, things got a bit heated as they vied for position and tried to persuade their rivals that perhaps they’d fancy a bit of warm milk instead.

The Droopy Moustache Gane clustered around McTavishes hardware store while the Lone Stars started to advance down the main street. Suddenly two groups of Lone Stars rushed into the alleys either side to try and surround the Mexicans leaving Deputy Bill “Iron Belly” McClusky to nonchanantly wander down the street as if nothing were the matter.

Sadly the Mexicans weren’t fooled and opened up with a barage of harsh-language followed by a bit of lead and Earnie Hadshaw, who was hiding behind the corner of a building, hit the dust.

A couple of Mexicans were dropped in relatiation by Captain John Tundril and Deputy McClusky.
A running battle erupted behind the tavern and after a short gunfight Jessie Bones, The Prof and Deputy Frank Lacey held up a small handful of Mexicans, before resorting to fisticuffs and more harsh language to put them into the dust.

By this time the front of McTavishes hardware store had lost most of his plate glass windows from the bullets flying around. Ploughing through the door, the Captain and his Rangers took on the remaining Mexicans in hand-to-hand, loosing Bobby Shaw in the process.

Spotting that they were about to be surrounded by the remaining Lone Stars led by Deputy Lacey, the Mexicans decided to try their luck elsewhere and legged it through the back door.

With four of their number out of action, the remaining Lone Stars pulled them into the shade of the Saloon to recover and seriously enjoyed their well deserved sarsapirella juice.


This was a hard fought game and it really came down to the last few rounds of hand-to-hand fighting with fighters going down all over the place.

As Phil had used the hardware store and some handy piles of crates as cover, I had to split my forces to try and surround him, taking fire from all angles. Luckily the majority of the Mexicans are fairly poor shots, so most of their bullets failed to reach the targets.

Well fought Amigo….



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