The Trials and Tribulations of The Droopy Moustache Gang

After the bruising the Gang received while trying to capture the Stagecoach from the Lone Stars they holed up in an isolated barn far from Texan lawman range. Just before morning even before the dawn Chorus the sentry (who happened to be Rico the leader and also on the roof of the shack) spotted a sioux indian sneaking up through the long grass!rico

Then through a hail of arrows and rifle shots he managed to bag an indian brave. A brave Brave on horse back grabbed a sack of loot and tried to make off with it but died from the fall when his horse was shot from underneath him. By now the Gang was all up and were holding back the Indians. One indian broke in to the shack and managed to knock out one of the Peons!Indian revenge

LootTwo other indians had grabbed some large sacks of corn and were dragging it off, but Pancho (the hired Bandito) and Max (the kid) jumped from the stockade and proceeded to club the indians down!

Another Indian fell to the fists of of bandit and the posse war party ran to the woods for cover not to be seen again!

Rico decided to Celebrate by taking his gang to the “Cantina San Miguel”. While they were there those gringo Lone Stars turned up again and started a brawl.Bar fight

Bearing in mind that we had sunk a few Quaffs by now and were still suffering from lack of sleep from our early morning life or death struggle I think the Gringos picked on us in a rather un-gentlemanly way, not to mention that they had brought along even more baddies to bolster their forces! So out numbered 9 to 11 we stood our ground (although a little shakily) bottles and chairs were bashed around peoples heads fists were thrown, then picked up again, all in all a big dust cloud covered the bar, with only Manuel dashing outside hoping to fire back inside with his sawed off shot gun!


Eventually (well after 3 turns)  Rico, Pancho, Manuel and Max were the only ones left standing and they dived out a window in the back and dashed down to the “Cat” house for solace and T.L.C!

Ok what really happened…

Phil’s Bandits challenged Steve’s Sioux for top place on the Ladder and Won after a dawn raid.

Then Simon’s Texas Rangers counter challenged and won a Bar room brawl and deposed the bandits for top spot! 

Photo’s Courtesy of “The Soliel” Newspaper. (May have been touched up slightly!)


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