WAB Biblical Doubles event – 27th September


It is the intention for SAD Wargamers (Swindon and District Wargamers) to run a WAB Biblical Doubles event on Saturday 27th September (two weeks after Colours) at our club in Swindon. I’d like to establish what interest, if any, there is for this type of event.

It will be a one day event consisting of three doubles games each played on 12ft by 6ft tables – so plenty of room for some sound chariot tactics!

Each army will be 3,000 points taken from the Chariot Wars Supplement – led by a single Army General.

The day will start at 8.30am and each game will last 2.5 hours.

Cost will be £10 per team paid in advance – drinks and munchies will be provided.

As with most events of this nature don’t expect straight games – there will be balanced scenarios –you will not get advance notice of them which hopefully will help people to take a well rounded army to deal with all situations.

We aim to have 8 teams (16 places) and they will be allocated on first come first allocated basis, if you are unable to get a partner then don’t be shy; register and we will try an match you up with a partner – even if it means it has to be Warren or me!

So who’s interested, who’s your partner, and what army are you likely to bring?

Please contact Andy or Warren


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