Warhammer 40k 2017 Campaign, October 4th Multiplayer Finale

The Chaos forces have beaten back the Imperial crusade in the Suindune system back to their stronghold on Suindune I – the Mechanicus Institute. As the Chaos forces descend to eradicate this foothold, Saint Josephine rallies the Imperial defenders.

For those taking part in the 40k campaign, here are the rules for the final game on the 4th of October:

Players will be split into Imperium and not-Imperium teams (Chaos plus Xenos).

Players can bring any Faction, even if they haven’t used it in the campaign thus far. Each Imperial player should bring 500 points, with an extra 250 points “in the box” in case there in an imbalance in the number of players on each side. Chaos and Xenos players should bring 1000 points! (with an extra 500 points “in the box”) You will notice this is not fair – partly because the Imperium will be benefiting from some fortifications, and partly because this is a last stand! The Chaos objective is to wipe out the defenders.

Players may use any available Force Organization chart to assemble their armies. Each player will nominate a Warlord as normal. In order to field a Lord of War, experience points will need to be spent (as shown below).

The game will use the Matched Play rules (rulebook pages 214 & 215) with the following exceptions:
>Instead of Tactical Reserves ~ At least half of your units must begin the battle set up on the table. At the end of your first Movement Phase roll a dice for each unit in reserve – it will only arrive on a 4+. Any unit that fails this roll automatically arrives at the end of your second Movement Phase.
>Instead of being able to select Psychic Powers, they must be generated randomly (exception below).

Players can spend the Experience Points they have been accruing throughout the campaign to upgrade models, access Lords of War and gain other tactical advantages. As I don’t have a record of all the games that have been played, players are expected to be able to work out their own Experience Point totals, for all games that have been held at the club since the start of the campaign (minus Experience points used up in the August multiplayer game).
Here’s a quick reminder of the exp rules:
1-1000 Points per side = 50 experience to each player.
1001-1500 = 75 experience experience to each player.
1501-2500 = 100 experience experience to each player.
2501+ (Apocalypse games) = 200 experience to each player.

Experience points can be spent on the following things:
> Squad leader equivalents (Sergeants, Champions, etc.) may purchase one extra wound for 25exp (may not be taken more than once per model).
> Characters may purchase one extra wound for 75exp (may not be taken more than once per model, and may not take that model above 6 wounds).
> You may field a single Lord of War in your army, at a cost of 100exp. Each player is only allowed one Lord of War.
> Instead of rolling randomly, you may choose which Warlord Trait (from those normally available to him/her) your Warlord (page 186) has for 100exp.
> Instead of having to randomly determine Psychic Powers, you may select one (generate others randomly) for 100exp (may not be taken more than once per unit).

> Shallow Trenches can be bought for 25 experience each. Each is a 6″ x 3″ area terrain for Infantry models, deployed in your table half (any bought by Chaos / Xenos players are assumed to be Imperial trenches abandoned earlier in the fighting). Only 18 trenches are available, first come, first serve.


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