Warhammer 40k Campaign 2016 – Warm Up

Howdy folks!

It’s nearly that time of year again when ‘proper’ wargamers stick their fingers in their ears for a few weeks – the club’s annual 40k campaign!

The campaign will kick off in the first week of September (the 7th) with a (hopefully) fast-paced multiplayer game in order to get everyone in the mood and introduce players to each other (in order to sort out opponents for the following week).

There will then be two weeks of “standard” games – unlike last year I won’t be interfering too much with the missions themselves, and it’s up to you to arrange your own points limits and other restrictions (no Lords of War / Flyers etc. etc.).

The fourth week will be another “pallet-cleansing” multiplayer game, probably based around flyers again.

Weeks five and six will be more standard games, finishing with a big multiplayer game on the 19th of October.


Whilst I’m not interfering as much as last year, the following mechanic applies to the campaign (because I can’t simply give up all temptations to write rules):

At the start of the campaign, a player can choose one of the “Heroes” below to lead their army (i.e. be the Warlord) for the duration of the campaign. You cannot change Hero mid-campaign, although you can choose not to use these at all and instead have a special character as their Warlord. The term “Hero” is used generically, as a means to easily separate out any rules I’ve written from the rest of the rules, and as a quick way to refer to the group as a whole.

A Hero card is split in two: The left-hand side shows the starting stat-line, a portrait, and any rules affecting the options available to the Hero from the get-go*. Points costs are generally not shown, nor Faction or Unit Type, as it’s assumed you’ll be referring to the Codex for those (and allowing some Heroes to be used by more than one Faction).

The right-hand side of the card shows six* “Skills”, Hero’s start at Level 1, and may select one of the bonus ‘Skills’ shown on the right-hand side of the card. They do not have to be selected in vertical order, and some have additional restrictions or additional points costs. After each standard game (regardless of whether the Hero survived – it’s assumed he/she managed to get away with only a cosmetic injury and a grudge!) the Hero gains a level and may select another ‘Skill’. This means that at the final multiplayer game of the campaign, the Hero of a player who has attended all of the standard games will have five of the six Skills.

*An Imperial Inquisitor has Skills on both sides, but only a total of 4 (instead of 6), and a noticeably larger selection of options than normal.*

Players of specific space marine factions may choose either to use their specific card, or the generic Space Marine card.

The following are links to the (currently completed) Hero cards in a Dropbox (hopefully people without Dropbox will still be able to access them). Each .pdf contains two Heroes, simply print out the one you need (however big or small you like). If you have trouble downloading the card, simply email me ([email protected]) and list the Heroes you would like to view.

Astra Militarum Company Commander & Commissar

Astra Militarum Tank Commander & Dark Angels Company Master

Blood Angels Captain & Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain

Chaos Space Marine Dark Apostle & Space Marine Chaplain

Chaos Space Marine Daemon Prince & Ork Warboss

Chaos Space Marine Lord & Space Marine Captain

Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer & Space Marine Librarian

Dark Eldar Archon & Succubus

Dark Eldar Haemoculus & Tau Commander

Necron Cryptek & Destroyer Lord

Ork Mekboss & Necron Overlord

Space Wolves Wolf Lord & Imperial Inquisitor


If you feel this list is lacking, and would like a Hero made specifically, let me know.


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