Warhammer 40k Campaign 2016 – Week 2, Skyfall

Spearheaded by strike cruisers from both the Dark Angels and Blood Angels chapters, the Imperial forces launched an assault against the space hulk The Rocket. Brutal close combat fighting through the myriad corridors of the conglomerate craft, against opponents both alien and heretical, they reached their targets – weak points in the structure of the space hulk, where they placed teleport beacons for the support craft to lock on to.

After these brave heroes escaped to their boarding craft, cyclonic warheads were teleported directly inside the space hulk’s structure. Explosions of cataclysmic force followed mere moments after.

After a tense hour of waiting, telemetry projecting the course of the hulk finished being calculated – the space hulk was now on a course that would miss the planet. However, the explosions had broken free a smaller chunk of the craft, which was now heading directly for the main continent of Bunrell.

Due to the momentum required by the strike craft to reach the hulk in time, they could do little else but watch as the break-away section ploughed through the atmosphere. Previously hidden void shields protected the vessel and colossal thrusters slowed it’s decent from terminal velocity to merely ludicrous speeds. The impact, a thousand miles north-west of the capital, still reduced the agricultural province of Mintley from fields of barley to ashen dust in a fraction of a second. As the chunk slid to a halt, at the end of a impact trench visible from space, already the aliens and heretics aboard began work to free themselves from the wreckage and begin the invasion!

Many thanks to Paul N, Andrew S, Brychan, Mo and Bob for turning up for the opening game – absent-mindedness meant I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately! (If anyone happens to have one, it would be greatly appreciated). Everybody except Paul walked away with a Campaign Relic – extra rules or wargear for their Hero. If you missed out don’t worry – a relic is up for grabs in most games.

For the standard games, a win will award three (3) points towards your score, whilst a draw will award two (2) and a loss one (1). Players also pick up half a point (½) for participating in the opening game and / or the mid-campaign flyer game.

Objectives this week:

(A) Choose to either support the Imperial defenders, or

(B) take the side of the invading forces aboard the crashed hulk chunk.


(World’s Worst Campaign Map 2016, Bronze Winner, Over 6’s Category)


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