Warhammer 40k Campaign 2016 – Week 3

Quiet on the western front in the second week of the campaign, only a single game took place – Bob’s Orks versus Mo’s Chaos Cpace Marines:

img_0984 img_0985

As you can see, a veritable horde of Orks (over a hundred models) filled Bob’s deployment zone, and the random objective points of The Scouring mission started Bob off in a good position with the objective worth 4 points guarded by a blob of Grots. Unfortunately, a deep-striking unit of three Helbrutes with flamers cleared them out whilst the rest of the Orks got too distracted getting stuck in! At the end of the game Mo had secured more objective points, and had managed to claim an additional Campaign Relic too.

As Mo had chosen to support the invading forces, and no winning games for anyone attempting to defend, theĀ attacking forces in the campaign are now threatening two points on the map – the mining facility of Chippengram, and further advanced towards the hive city of Signal Point.

Players therefore have four options to support in week 3:

(A) Support the Imperials by blocking the advance towards Signal Point

(B) Support the invading forces en-route to Signal Point.

(C) Defend the mining facility.

(D) Attack the mining facility.



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