Warhammer 40k Campaign 2016 – Week 6

Two games going on this week: Andrew S’s Chaos Daemons versus Paul B’s Crimson Fists, and Andrew B’s Imperial Guard versus Ben’s Dark Angels.

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After Paul managed a few decisive shots in the first turn, followed by some terrible luck with the Warpstorm Table, Andrew S graciously accepted defeat.

The other game was considerably closer, with the winning point being a single Scion cowering next to a building who managed to secure Linebreaker, although the wrecked carcasses of various vehicles strewn across the battlefield attested to the brutal nature of the game.

As the Imperial forces managed to win this week, they’ll have an ability in the final game to offset the loss of the mining town earlier in the campaign. Speaking of which…


Week 7 – Final Battle

As the invading forces fight their way through the mid-level tiers of the hive city, Imperial forces scramble to delay them. With the reinforcements arriving from the north, maybe all is not lost?

Each player should bring 800 points of models. Armies should be bound but for anyone bringing a standard Combined Arms Detachment, only a single Troop is required as the minimum. If you intend to bring a Super-Heavy or Gargantuan, please also bring enough ‘normal’ models to reach the points without using it – the number of ‘big’ models will be balanced between the two teams, so I may have to ask you not to use it.

Each Invading player is able to Deep Strike a single unit, of no more than 11 models, to represent the mining tunnels claimed in week 2.

Each Imperial player is able to Outflank with a single unit, representing the reinforcements from Corinium Hive (week 6).

As the game is likely to take longer than a normal game, any units still in reserve will arrive automatically during turn three, instead of turn four.


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