Warhammer 40k Campaign 2017


Hello everybody! Here you’ll find the starting rules for this year’s 40k campaign. The fluff and other parts will soon(TM) follow.

This year’s campaign is a weird combination of narrative campaign and standard league – regular games can be played using whichever edition the two players prefer (as long as both are using the same edition, obviously), and there are no campaign rules in effect which will affect the regular games. Player’s wins/draws/losses will be recorded separately from how their faction is faring. Players will also earn experience points, which can only be spent in the multiplayer games (which will almost certainly use the 8th edition rules) to purchase various bonuses for that multiplayer game.

In addition, each individual victory will move their faction one step closer to a final multiplayer game to determine the campaign’s victor.

Players are separated into three Factions:

  • Imperial Crusaders (any army defined as “Armies of the Imperium” on the ally chart)

  • Chaos Occupiers (Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Renegade Imperial Guard)

  • Xenos Miscreants (Eldar of all stripes, Orks, Tau, Tyranids)

To make things slightly more confusing however, the main track of the campaign combines the “Occupiers” with the “Miscreants”. As such, any win by the Imperials adds a flag to their target, whilst any Imperial loss adds a flag to the Chaos campaign track. This is one of the measures to address the number of Imperial players.

Chaos versus Xenos games add flags to their own minor tracks, and this is shorter to account for the smaller number of such games that will occur.

When games of Imperial vs. Imperial occur, the players will randomly determine (using any fashion they decide – dice-off, rock-paper-scissors, etc.) which side is actually Alpha Legion in disguise! For the duration of that game that player counts as being of the Chaos Occupiers faction, and their victory or loss will be treated as such. No other changes occur (don’t have to use a different Codex or anything). This is another measure to address an overabundance of Imperial players.

Where Chaos fight Chaos, or Xenos fight Xenos, no campaign track is moved forward, although such infighting is very in-character. The results are still counted towards the player’s individual scores, and they still earn experience.

The amount of experience earned depends on the size of the game being played:

1-1000 Points per side = 50 experience to each player.

1001-1500 = 75 experience experience to each player.

1501-2500 = 100 experience experience to each player.

2501+ (Apocalypse games) = 200 experience to each player.

Note that this means doubles games (or games with even more players in Apocalypse) are particularly lucrative – this is intentional, as the campaign is often a method for meeting new people. But if this becomes abused this method may change.

Multiplayer games are played once certain boxes on the tracks are reached, although they won’t always be played the next week as other ongoing campaigns or the D&D group will need to be avoided.


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