Warhammer 40k Campaign – Opening Salvo

The first game of the 2015 S&D 40k campaign got off to a flying start tonight, with the Revolutionists claiming victory in securing the Starport.IMG_0147 IMG_0148

After placing the objectives (the four landing pads and the central “control tower) in the middle, I’d barely had a chance to blink before the rest of the board was covered with a decent saturation of terrain, many thanks to those that helped (and those that packed away at the end).


The two sides deployed, with the Loyalists employing a ‘refused flank’ tactic concentrating on the half of the board nearest the window, possibly planning to Infiltrate onto the other pads, but pipped to the post by Paul N’s Ratlings, who deployed on the pad furthest from the window.

To start with, both sides were evenly matched, with four players apiece (Paul B, Mo, Brychan and Derek forming the Loyalists, and Paul N, Craig, Bob and Dave forming the Revolutionists), but since Andrew was going to be turning up for the Rebels I gave the Loyalists the first turn.

Early casualties for the Rebels were Paul N’s unit of Ratling Snipers (assaulted by Brychan’s Scouts) and Bob’s Razorback. Dave also managed a Perils of the Warp on his Sorcerer (costing him a wound) on his first cast. However, the Shrouded power was going to prove very useful in keeping his Cultists alive for the game.


At the start of Revolutionist turn two, Andrew arrived with a Drop Pod, Dreadnought and a Lascannon Predator. Wasting no time, he ‘podded onto the landing pad closest to the window to prove a thorn in Paul B’s side (although not much help against Brychan’s rampaging Death Company, who ignored it and tore through Bob’s Exorcists). Paul N’s retribution against Brychan’s Scouts proved not-quite-complete, with one survivor who managed to bog down Paul’s Guard for, very nearly, the entire game.


Mo’s Wraiths charged into James’ Firewarriors, wiping them out in a few rounds of combat, before continuing into one of Craig’s Obliterators. Mo managed to fell another Obliterator with his Scarabs, which he had been replenishing earlier with his Spyders as they suffered shooting casualties.

Andrew’s Dreadnought was brought down by Derek’s resolute Praetorian Guardsmen (and their trusty Meltaguns / pith helmets), but it had already inflicted heavy casualties to Paul B’s Tactical Squad.



In the end, the Revolutionists held two landing pads (Paul N’s Guardsmen and Dave’s Chaos Cultists), whilst the Loyalists contested the other two.

Campaign Bonus:

For the rest of the campaign, Revolutionists will automatically pass the first Reserve roll they are required to make (so a single unit will arrive, without having to roll a dice. If multiple units are due to arrive, the Revolutionist player chooses which roll to do first – and thus which automatically arrives).



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