Warhammer 40k Campaign – Week 3

The political SWING-O-METER is pointing soundly at the Loyalist side of the spectrum this week, as they won four out of the five games that took place this week.

A swarm of infantry versus a mass of tanks as Alex and Dave decked it out in a King of the Hill mission. Despite an unfortunate ‘friendly fire’ incident from a Havoc Launcher taking out one of his own tanks, Dave managed to secure the objective in the center of the board by a gnat’s whisker.

IMG_0213 IMG_0220IMG_0221

Once more the serene agricultural province of Second Divisionium was dragged into the conflict, with the two Pauls facing off in a Heat of Battle mission. Judicious application of melta weaponry from fast-moving bikes and suspiciously Rhino-looking Drop Pods allowed Paul B to secure a win for the Loyalists.


The agents of the Inquisition (Bob’s Exorcists) were clearly up to no good, Mo’s Necrons decided to show them what for. Another Heat of Battle mission, Mo was victorious for the Loyalists.

IMG_0215  IMG_0223

Andy’s Crimson Fists welcomed Angus’ Imperial Fists to the campaign with a King of the Hill mission. With both sides using the Imperial Fists Chapter Tactics, it was bound to be a game where ‘1’s were important, but rather too much so for Angus’ Terminators, who were mown down unceremoniously. Another Loyalist win.

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Rounding out the tables, I played against Brychan (Loyalist Blood Angels) using my Dark Angels in an All Along the Watchtowers mission (hey, if I’m going to get involved, it’s at least going to be a mission that people haven’t played yet. And there’s still 2 more that haven’t seen the light of day yet!). Despite feeling rather confident, a slew of exploding plasma guns, fluffed overwatch and a Nephalim Jetfighter that couldn’t hit the broad side of a Titan left me outmatched against the combat-nastiness of some Death Company and a Relic Blade-wielding Captain. Brychan wasn’t having it all his own way though, mostly fighting the dice more than me though – he lost half his Scouts to exploding objectives, and many times managed a ‘1’ when anything but would have worked…

Honorable mention goes to my Predator, which managed to almost survive the game, before a critical fail (triple 1’s) when the last of the Death Company came calling.

Wooden spoon for each side goes to the combat between my Deathwing Knights and Brychan’s Furioso Dreadnought. Despite the combat lasting the entire game, a veritable avalanche of misses and failed wound rolls meant that only one Knight fell, and the Dreadnought was brought down after an Immobilized result left it’s rear armour unprotected (it still took three or four rounds of combat for my Knights to find the right spot though).

Final total was 12 points to Brychan but only a single point for me (Linebreaker from my Knights!).


As they won this week, the Loyalists have earned the following bonus for the rest of the campaign:

Weapons of Legend – Your Warlord’s weapons have the Master-crafted special rule (not including Orbital Bombardment style ‘weapons’).

 Scores so far:



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