Warhammer 40k Campaign – Week 4


This week, at the half-way point of the campaign, the traditional flyer-only multiplayer battle took place. Due to an imbalance in players, I had to move Andrew Swinyard from the Rebel side onto the Loyalists, and took part myself (although my score at the end was pretty pathetic…).

First up are the forces of the Rebellion – a pair of Vendetta’s, a pair of Stormravens, a Heldrake and a Sunshark Bomber.


Next are the forces of the Loyalists, a Vendetta, a Vulture, a Heldrake, a pair of Nephilim Jetfighters and an Ork bomber standing in for a Forgeworld Orky super-bomber. I probably should have been more suspicious of the last one, but seeing as it was the lightest armoured of all the flyers, I wasn’t expecting it to make it to the bridge anyway…


The table setup looked a bit sparse, but I was trying to avoid having too much irrelevant clutter which would have made placing the flyers difficult. Really, I should have moved the clouds every so often (thanks for pointing it out Bob!) but slipped my mind as I was trying to keep up with the game.

IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0234

It took three attempts before the Ork bomber managed to get to the Rebel bridge intact, at which point it unleashed an 8 (!) bomb bombing run, which caused a whopping twenty-seven points of damage in a single attack! (And also causing a personal re-evaluation of my allowance of Forgeworld in these games…)

In the end, the Loyalists caused more damage to their bridge (discounting the mercenary Orks, 29 points to 23), earning another bonus for the campaign – the Rebels are really going to have to work hard to pull it back now!

Loyalist Campaign Bonus:

Porcum-skin Mantle – Whenever your Warlord suffers an unsaved wound that would cause Instant Death, he or she loses 2 wounds instead of being reduced to 0 (Feel No Pain rolls are still not allowed). Whenever your Warlord suffers a Penetrating hit, the attacker rolls two dice on the Vehicle Damage Table and applies the lowest result.



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