Warhammer 40k Campaign – Week 5

Another week of conflict in the 40k campaign, fitting 4 games into the evening.

The first of which was a defensive versus defensive game (Trench Warfare, finally getting to use my trench markers!) between Bob’s rebel Exorcists and Paul B’s Crimson Fists. Bob piled on the pressure with three precision deep-striking units of terminators, but Paul’s concentrated firepower managed to defeat them. The game ended with a conga-line of Crimson Fists contesting Bob’s objectives. A win for the Loyalists.


IMG_0248   IMG_0249 IMG_0256

The second game was between Andrew Swinyard’s Iron Warriors (represented using Imperial Fists and allied Guard) against Ben’s Dark Angels in a King of the Hill game (offensive vs. offensive). Heavy casualites inflicted on the Dark Angels, Andrew secured the central objective for a Revolutionist win.

IMG_0250 IMG_0254

The third game was All Along the Watchtowers (sneaky vs. defensive) between Mo’s Necrons and Dave’s Chaos Space Marines. The inevitable tide of silver whittled away the red, for a Loyalist victory.

IMG_0251 IMG_0255

The final game was Craig’s rebel Necrons against Brychan’s Blood Angels in a Heat of Battle game (offensive vs. defensive). With his melee units getting bogged down in regenerating Necrons, Brychan struggled to keep up with Craig’s point-scoring, for a Revolutionist victory.

IMG_0247IMG_0252 IMG_0253

This means that this week resulted in a draw, putting the Revolutionists on the back foot for the final game in week 7. In an effort to balance out the bonuses, the Revolutionists will recieve the following bonus for the rest of the campaign:

Archaeologist – Whenever your Warlord or his / her unit identifies a Mysterious Objective, roll 2 dice and choose which is the result.


Leaderboard - week 5 complete

If you have any disagreements with the scoreboard, please see me Wednesday (7th) or contact me some other way – no slight is intended, but I am only human!

I haven’t worked out a method for tiebreaking yet, as my initial ideas didn’t work out as victory points were not completed on all results.

The final week will not count towards scores, so we will know the winners after this Wednesday coming (7th).

Rules for the six custom missions used in the one-on-one games will be uploaded at some point, for those who are interested.


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