World war 2 has started in the West (May 1940)

Early war has started up again at the club.

Peter and James fought a battle, Germans (obviously) and French.
From what I saw…
French Char B1’s (nicely Painted) were assaulting while being supported by artillery and Infantry from the shiney Regiment.
German anti tank guns and artillery guns took out the Char B’s and then I think that the French Capitulated! (might be wrong there though)
My Dutch have taken to the field for the second time now.  They refought the Historic “Battle of Mill” Vs Vince’s Germans.
1000points of Dutch defending with 3 pillboxes, trenches, barbed wire and minefields.
Vince started with 2000points of German Infantry, including 3 armoured cars, the artillery were the last reserves to arrive as per the original battle.
He pressed hard on the Dutch left flank which held on stubbornly.
The centre was pounded by 88’s and artillery and then the armoured cars hurtled down the railway track only to be jumped on and destroyed by infantry.
At the end of the Day the Dutch won.

Dutch army list to be put on this web site in the near (ish) future.



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