Year of the 9+ Emperors – Winter – The Final Battle

The final battle for the Year of the Clash of Empires 9+ Emperors will take place at the club on Wednesday 30th April.

I have requested that we have one of the end rows of three tables to fight the battle, otherwise possibly in the back room to make it easier to run.

The two primary protagonists are Simon Day and Peter David.  In the wings waiting for them to slip up are Andy C, Derrek W, Phil W, and Glenn.

Full rules for the day will follow shortly.

The primary basis of the scenario will entail capturing strategic locations and Roman Officials.  A location can only be ‘held’ by a unit containing the Players C-in-C.

Commanders bonuses will only apply to the unit which they are associated with and in the front rank for.  C-In-Cs bonuses are gained in a similar manner and can be used for any unit in range which is further back than the C-in-Cs unit on the battlefield (draw an imaginary line parallel to rear table edge level with the C-in-C – any unit behind the line may gain the bonuses).



All players should bring a force of 2500 points.  All troops should be deployed within 2 foot of their respective commanders.



Game deployment – each side deploys an entire command at a time starting at opposed ends of the table.  The first side to complete with gain deployment bonuses to be confirmed on completion.


Game Length

The intent is to try and achieve 6 full game turns, but given the nature of these types of game I’ll check where we are at 10pm and confirm how many turns are remaining.





  1. After a hard fought battle Peter D took the Imperial Purple ably supported by Paul N and Andy C (deceased…) The Davidites captured both the Emperor and the commander of the Praetorians. Unfortunately they lost The Master of Spies who managed to kill Cumming Andius during his escape. Whether this will cause problems in the future is unknown.

    Their opponents Simon D, Phil W, and Glenn F survived the battle and negotiations are underway to establish their future.

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the campaign.



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